From Sobrio to Lavorgo by way of Mairengo, Parigi and New York

The passion for restauration is the recipe to the success of the Defanti's Family, that for over 115 years has run the homonymous hotel, bought in the distant 1903 by Great-grandfather Luigi on his return from Paris. Since then 4 generations of restaurateurs have never tired of transmitting to their clients the hospitality and welcoming that characterizes the atmosphere in this family restaurant.

Today Cesare runs the hotel with his wife, Sandra, a creative cook and great-niece to Lorenzo Delmoinco, who was the greatest restaurateur in New York in the second half of the 1800's.

Today Defanti's Restaurant offers it's clients antique flavours, revisited in a modern key, proposing a unique atmosphere that permits it's them to live an unforgettable experience.